Figurative paintings on different subjects.

dated 2010 until 2013, comment to the artist (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)

  • barefoot


    oil on canvas
    60 x 80 cm

  • whispers


    oil on canvas
    100 x 120 cm

  • oil on canvas,
    40 x 50

  • an image of the french photographer Charles Fréger inspired me to paint this portrait of a girl. I took the title "innocence" for this painting, a little thin slim girl who wanted to go swimming, but the water seems to be a dark dirty mud bath, such as the way some animals, especially birds, can no longer follow their instincts and do what their nature tell them to be, because we made a mess of their environment and turned it into an oilbath, that turned into their deathbed... and they died an innocence death... oil on canvas,
    60 x 70 cm