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Karien Deroo - 2012-2009 | Figures

2012-2009 | Figures

work from 2009 - 2012 exhibited at my first show 'Hanging out in history' (Galerie Pinsart | Bruges) and some groupshows (Bruges | Brussels | Ghent | Roeselare)

dated 2009 until 2012, comment to the artist (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)

  • a painting, portrait of a man, inspired by the old masters,
    because of using their painting technique, 
    but definitely a work from this century!
    oil on canvas
    60 x 60 cm

  • phantom


    portrait of a man and his shadow
    oil on canvas
    50 x 60 cm

  • detail from the painting "shiver"
    oil on canvas,
    60 x 70 cm

  • shiver


    oil on canvas 60 x 70 cm

  • humble


    oil on canvas 70x 100 cm

  • detail from the painting "humble" oil on canvas 70 x 100 cm

  • oil on canvas
    60 x 100 cm

  • Our Father


    I took this detail from a picture of a girl, so you just see the dress, the skirt infact, that stands for femininity, and her naked knees who refers to a girl, not a woman. And I named this painting Our Father, the beginning of this allknown prayer, ...a prayer for the seducer and a prayer for all who are quilty on childabuse, these days. (my reaction with this painting I guess...)   oil on canvas, 90 x 130 cm   I made it to the 128 finalists with this painting on Saatchi's Online Showdown Art Paris 2011.

  • detail of the painting "Our Father" oil on canavs, 90 x 130 cm

  • oil on canvas, 40 x 50

  • sometimes we are curious about our neighbours, sometimes we better shoudn't!
    oil on canvas,
    50 x 50 cm

  • fight !


    how many kids have to struggle in this world, just to be a child?
    oil on canvas,
    50 x 60 cm

  • oil on canvas
    100 x 100 cm

  • detail of the painting "before it's all dark (the promenade)"

  • an image of the french photographer Charles Fréger inspired me to paint this portrait of a girl. I took the title "innocence" for this painting, a little thin slim girl who wanted to go swimming, but the water seems to be a dark dirty mud bath, such as the way some animals, especially birds, can no longer follow their instincts and do what their nature tell them to be, because we made a mess of their environment and turned it into an oilbath, that turned into their deathbed... and they died an innocence death... oil on canvas, 60 x 70 cm

  • the tulip


    a studie oil on canavs, 100 x 120 cm